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Rosso, 1978

del Piemonte, Della Serra - Piverone

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Royal Oporto, 1978

Real Companhia Velha Vintage Port

A rare bottle of 1978 Royal Oporto Vintage Port.

The colour of barley sugar. A faint smell of caramel on the nose. Quite thick and sweet in the mouth. Lots of barley sugar, brown sugar and burnt toffee over the top of bitter orange. Very pleasant. - Vintageport.se

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Sassella, 1978

Enologica Valtelinese

Valtellina Superiore Sassella wines are made under the Valtellina Superiore DOCG, specifically from grapes grown in the village of Sassella. Sassella is one of five viticultural sub-zones specifically identified as producing Valtellina wines of particularly high quality: the other four are Grumello, Inferno, Maroggia and Valgella. Sassella is considered to be the finest of these, and the pinnacle of the Valtellina viticultural zone.

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Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port, 1978

Crusted Port - bottled in 1978

Smith Woodhouse Crusted is a blend of excellent young ports from two or three harvests, bottled without any fining or filtration in 1978. This Port was then aged in bottle in the cellars in Portugal for three years before being offered for sale. Crusted Port derives its name from the fact, that exactly like Vintage Port it will throw a “crust” or natural deposit with bottle age.

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Sogno di Bacco, 1978

Umberto Fiore - BIG DOUBLEMAGNUM 3 Liter Bottle !!

Sogno di Bacco is made from thelong lasting nebbiolo grape. Nebbiolo is a black-skinned red wine grape variety most famous for creating the 'tar and roses' scent of Barolo wines from Piedmont, north-western Italy. The grape's very name is evocative of its home among the misty foothills of the western Alps; the nebbia (Italian for 'fog') after which it is named frequently arrives on early October mornings, when the Nebbiolo harvest is in full swing.

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Souza Port, 1978

Vintage Port

Fully mature and in a good place. Balanced and elegant port with a long finish.

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Taittinger , 1978

Vintage Champagne, Victor Vaserely

This is a typical aged 1978 champagne with deep golden colour. Although not many bubbles are nowadays left, the occasional bubble does come through! It shows a mature nose of baked apple and chrysanthemum with mushroom and honey notes. It is round and mellow on the palate with a long toasted pastry finish.

This rare 1978 Champagne from Taittinger features a label designed by the Hungarian- French artist Victor Vaserely who is widely accepted as the grandfather of the Op art movement.

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Taylor's Port, 1978

Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port

This 1978 Single Quinta from Taylor Fladgate is a great colour. 70% opaque. Bright cherries on the nose, holding well. On the palate hints of the Vargellas fire. Long aftertaste and plenty of tannins. Excellent. VWP (TC) note 08 Tasting the Port Forum - 2018.

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Valpolicella, 1978

Santi - Castello d'Illasi

The Valpolicella zone is bordered to the west by the Bardolino DOC, located along the banks of Lake Garda, which produces similar wines to basic Valpolicella using many of the same grapes. The historical "heart" of Valpolicella winemaking is in the Monti Lessini hills located northwest of the town of Verona. In 1968, the boundaries of the region were extended far eastward towards the DOC production zone of Soave and south to the plains of the northern bank of the Po river and its tributary the Adige.

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Valtellina, 1978


Valtellina is one of Italy’s most dramatic wine regions, located in Lombardy, the vineyards are located on steep mountains. The principal grape variety is Chiavennasca (the local name for Piedmont’s Nebbiolo and an Italian grape varietal that has been cultivated since medieval times here). The DOCG wines are generally comprised of at least 90% Chiavennasca and then blended with other quality local grapes like Brugnola, Rossola, Pignola. Then there is a DOC Valtellina Rosso (also called Rosso di Valtellina DOC) which requires at least 80% of the blend be Chiavennasca and does not have minimum ageing requirements.

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